Why re-using cups is better than single use cups....

While disposable one use cups are easy and convenient they are adding to the concerns that plastic is not being effectively recycled or managed. The majority going into landfill or worse ending up in the world’s oceans and food chain.

Recent surveys carried out at several events show that there is a positive response from the public for managing reusable cups in a sustainable way.

Reusable cups being manufactured!

See our reusable cups being born – at our UK based manufacturer. With the latest IML, In Mould Label technology.


Our state of the art wash plant is fitted with the most up to date management control, heat recovery, chemical balance, reduced water use with filtration and water reclaim.

Find out more out more about our reusable cup management services...

  • We offer a full cup management service
  • We will arrange the collection of your dirty used cups from your venue
  • We will count and check the condition of the cup pre-wash and after wash
  • We provide a quality check and bacterial check during the wash process
  • We will pack your cups after all checks and return to your venue or hold in stock until your next event
  • Full reporting on cleanliness and numbers of cups collected and washed will be provided on each collection and return

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