Feedback from our customers and their experience using the Base-Flow system

The Base-Flow dispensing system, operates in high traffic environments, where reliability and speed of delivery is important. With serving levels at 20 plus per minute and reductions in waste and costs, our system can have positive impacts on performance.

Leading stadium catering consultants

Project manage the build and fit out of UK and European venues; such as Premiership clubs and national stadiums.

Stadium catering consultants have carried several trials of base filling systems and found them to be one of the most efficient means of dispensing high volumes.

They saw increase in revenue and reduction in waste.

This data and their trails are invaluable in demonstrating the capability of a system like

Event Manager at large scale events

Freelance Event Manager, working with base filling systems at several stadiums and events throughout the UK.

Team leaders have found, using a base filling system in previous years where 20 plus standard taps on the bar, were replaced with mobile bars with 4 valves on each kart, with 16 serving points in total, transformed sales, reduced waste and staffing levels.

Increase in delivery
Reduction in waste
Reduction in staffing

‘One of the most significant innovations in dispense I can remember during my time in the industry’.